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George Stout Storybook

Legendary art conservationist George Stout was born in Winterset, Iowa and graduated from Winterset High School in 1915. After 2 years at Grinnell College, he served overseas for two years in the US Medical Corps during WWI. Stout earned his bachelor’s degree and taught art at the University of Iowa. He earned his master’s degree in art history at Harvard University. Throughout his brilliant career, Stout developed the modern scientific principles of art conservation. During WWII, Stout was called back into active duty in Europe. He and a small troop of “Monuments Men” recovered millions of the world’s finest artworks, which had been stolen by the Nazis. The art was hidden in salt mines, castles and other remote areas. For his military service, George Stout was awarded the Bronze Star and the US Army Commendation Medal.

When George Clooney’s film, The Monuments Men, hit the big screen in early 2014, Winterset was delighted to recognize a local star from their own history books. Clooney’s character, Frank Stokes, was based on George Stout. 

This sculpture was created by Iowa native Michael Goodall and is part of a public art project for the Covered Bridges Scenic Byway.

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110 W. Washington Street
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George Stout Storybook photo