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Nick's Kettle Korn

Nick's Kettle Korn is an Iowa-based company offering freshly cooked kettle corn and gourmet popcorn, as well as cinnamon and spicy roasted nuts under the name of Iowa Nut Company and freshly squeezed lemonade shakeups as Anna's Lemonade. Nick’s Kettle Korn was founded in July of 2020 by Nicholas Swalve and his family.

You can find Nick's Kettle Korn, Iowa Nut Company, and Anna's Lemonade at numerous local events - fairs, festivals, etc. You can also buy his prepackaged popcorn at 1st Down Brewing Co. in Winterset. 

Nick's offers wholesale options for their popcorn and nuts for community events, weddings, family reunions, birthdays and more. Ask about popcorn bar options, bulk popcorn or individual party size bags. 

Are you a school, church group, sports team or other organization looking for a new fundraising idea? They would love to partner with you!

Category: Restaurants

Nick's Kettle Korn photo