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Imes Covered Bridge

Also referred to as Munger, Mills or Wiggin’s Mill Bridge, the Imes was originally near a mill owned by White & Munger, and at the time it was built, Van B. Wiggins. “In September 1887 it was ordered that it be moved to the Imes crossing of Clanton where it still stands, south and west of Hanley. It is called Imes.” – Mrs. Fred P. Hartsook, 1933, The Madisonian

The Imes Bridge is the oldest of the remaining covered bridges in Madison County. It was built by John P. Clark with a pitched roof and Town lattice truss, overlaid with a queenpost truss frame. It has a span of 82 feet. In September 1887, the county hired local contractor Benton Jones to move it to Imes Crossing of Clanton Creek, southwest of Hanley. In 1959, a truck carrying 18 tons of corn crashed through the floor of the bridge into Clanton Creek. The county authorities moved quickly into action and had the span repaired within a week. In 1977, the Imes Bridge made its final move to St. Charles (thanks to master mover Clair Rogers) where it now stands over a natural depression, the centerpiece of a small park.


500 E. Main St.
St. Charles, IA 50240

Imes Covered Bridge photo